Tickford Hoods

The Salmons-Tickford fully lined hood, combines the advantages of the open car with the comfort, luxury and sound deadening qualities of a fully trimmed coachbuilt saloon body.

The various layers of the hood itself are built up from the inside outwards, including various padding layers and tensioning wires. It usually takes about a week to complete this work

Work progressing on an MG VA Tickford lined hood

Peter, hand stitching the hood interlinings on a very similar car,
this time a postwar Alvis TA14 Tickford

I carry out all this work personally, not only on cars in our workshop, but also on Tickford cars around the world. Over the past 18 years, I have developed a system of shipping a kit of sewn-up hood components to the owner, and then at a later date, visiting, to fit the hood myself. This has worked exceedingly well for many people who would otherwise not have access to the specific skills and expertise to produce an as-original Tickford lined hood.



Working on an SA Tickford hood in Canada

A full retrim on a TA Tickford in Chicago

An example of the finished product - this time a VA Tickford

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