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The SVW spares and restoration business founded in the early 1970’s, is even busier now after more than 30 years! As more and more of our cars are restored and returned to active use, the emphasis of our spares service is moving towards making the cars more useable under modern traffic conditions. Consequently, in this, our 40th year of the SVW catalogue, you will find many new lines, aimed at maintaining the usability of our cars, the youngest of which are now 70 years old.

We can undertake all types of restoration within our workshop, from complete rebuilds to the manufacture of individual one-off components, eg. complete Ash body frames, part frames, boot lid frames, plus single wooden or metal body parts. We also offer a complete interior re-trimming service ranging from seat frames, seat re-covering, hoods and carpets, to a complete interior re-trim on any car. We also carry our re-spraying work to the highest standards on any type of car. We are always willing to assist owners who are restoring their cars by offering partial restoration services as well as acting purely as a supplier of spare parts. We are also happy to offer advice for those of you undertaking restoration work yourself. Many people, particularly our overseas customers, have found our partial rebuild/kit service particularly useful.

The range of cars which we cater for remains centred on the MG SA, VA and WA and we can always supply body frames, panels and rebuild assistance for these three models in all of their body styles.However, we also undertake some restoration work on other MG models such as T-Type and MGA, and also other Marques of car such as Morris and those carrying Salmons Tickford bodywork.

We are also able to design and build special bodywork using traditional thirties-style construction methods and materials. Both bodywork and interior can be tailored to individual customers’ requirements. Examples of such special coachwork are shown on the cover of this catalogue.

If you are unable to find the new part you require in the catalogue and we are unable to make it ourselves, we may be able to supply it from our vast stock of used parts, or we may be able to put you in touch with another equally enthusiastic owner who can help you.

We are, of course, always willing to discuss with enthusiasts anything to do with SVW, Morris, Wolseley and Salmon Tickford bodied cars.

The MOWOG connection

Owners of Morris and Wolseley series 2 and 3 cars of the 1935 to 1948 period will be aware that many of the components of their cars are very similar, and in some cases, identical to those fitted to the MGA SA, VA and WA. If you need any assistance with cross-referencing between this catalogue and Morris or Wolseley parts list, please enquire and we will do our best to help.




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